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I took a brave step in my blogging career yesterday: I joined David Risley’s Blog Masters Club.

Why did I do it?  Well, after blogging for 3 years I am definitely more than covering my costs, but I would like to increase the amount that our main blogs earn.

I do not want to start new blogs and definitely don’t want to start blogging about making money.  This post should really be the exception!

So after deliberating for quite some time, I decided that I wanted to see what David had to offer.  Since I can theoretically cancel my subscription within 60 days, I guessed it was worth taking a look at just how much the members really do help each other and how good the quality of the learning materials are.

It is going to cost me $97 per month for the next 6 months, but a real incentive is being able to use the resources after that as well.  That’s about 69EUR for me each month.  I hope it is money well spent.

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