Bringing WordPress up to date

I started the process of bringing our sites up to date in the last week of December.  For our blogs, we use WordPress which at the time of writing is at version 2.9.

Now, as someone who does not easily trust the auto-update feature to get everything right on our server, I prefer to FTP the update into place.  The only trouble is, that this is easier on some blogs than others, depending on how the theme is setup.

So updating all of the blogs at once is actually quite a mammoth task, and something that I tend to avoid.  I will update the blogs over the course of a few days and prioritise which ones are to be done first.  Obviously a security update is more important than a feature update.

But now the deed has been done – we are running version 2.9 on all of our active blogs, and can move on to the next step.

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