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This evening I have installed “Disqus Comments” onto this blog, so at the end of this post you should see a new type of comment box.  Please leave a comment so that I know it is working!

Although you can enter your details as usual, you can also use a Disqus account or your Twitter or Facebook login to validate yourself.  This not only helps me prevent spam in the comments, but makes it easier for you as a reader because you can stay logged in (through a cookie) and don’t have to enter your details every time you visit.

Also, if you visit other Disqus sites then they should recognise you as well without the need to enter your information.

Is that a problem for you?  Is it OK to link up blogs in this way?  Please let me know!

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13 Responses to “Disqus Comments”

  1. Nathan Hangen Says:

    Here's a test for you.

  2. Susanna Perkins Says:

    Test. . . test. . . looks like it's working to me! 🙂

  3. debchitwood Says:

    Disqus is on my new blog as well. It like its format a lot.

  4. Graham Tappenden Says:

    Just a test comment.

  5. Graham Tappenden Says:

    Thanks for the comment – it's the first time I've installed it and I need to get a few things sorted out about it (see the thread in the BBP forum).

  6. Graham Tappenden Says:

    Thanks Nathan.

  7. Graham Tappenden Says:

    Thanks Susanna!

  8. Mike Tiojanco Says:

    Looks like it's working fine!

  9. web design  Says:

    I am having blogger blog. Can I add Disqus comment form ?

  10. Graham Tappenden Says:

    AFAIK Blogger doesn't have Disqus on it, so no.

    But since you have a web design company you would know that, wouldn't you?

  11. john143 Says:

    thanks for posting this, was really useful and interesting to me

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