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Why Choose an HP Widescreen Monitor

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

I was born into the age of information technology. A huge portion of my day is spent on browsing the web, playing a few rounds of computer games and talking with my buddies thru emails, chats, blogs and the ever so preferred social networking. Moving through my life from day by day is created simple by my HP widescreen monitor.

Even My PC Is an HP Widescreen

At home, at work or when on the move, I log on to cyberspace with an HP widescreen. Everyone wants a bigger workspace, and that includes me, from a wider desk to a wider screen. With a wider screen, I can to work with two windows at the same time by putting them side-by-side, no need for me to change from one to another forwards and backwards. And the viewing angle with an HP widescreen is nearly seamless from side to side and top to bottom as both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are only 2 degrees short of a hundred and 80 degrees. Though who works at a sideward viewing angle anyway?

Why Go HP?

The Hewlett-Packard brand has always been a front runner when it comes to color-related and producing products like printers, scanners and PCs. It really is as simple as trusting an already very trust worthy brand when it came to monitors. The best part of owning an HP widescreen is that it comes close to reproducing all the colors that Mother Nature can create or an astonishing 90 8 pc of all the colors one can think of.

Increase Your Productivity With A Widescreen LCD Monitor

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Being employed for an occupation that needs me to work in front of the PC for a really long time, my need for a widescreen LCD monitor isn’t dictated simply by a robust classy pull but by a number of other vital factors.

The Pros and the Cons

A widescreen LCD screen is more economical than widescreen plasma, besides the littlest a plasma screen can reach is at least forty two inches and I doubt anybody would need that size for a computer Monitor. A widescreen LCD screen is hands down lighter than any other widescreen type, simpler on my shoulders when it comes to carrying a laptop. Compared to all the other monitor screen types, LCD screens are more efficient when it comes to energy consumption when put next to those with the same screen itself is less shiny which equates to less light being reflected back to the eyes, ultimately resulting to less eye fatigue for me. And the heat generated by an LCD screen is far less in comparison to any other screen type.

The CRT variety may have the capability to show clearer colors, but I am not a graphics designer and thus I do not really concern myself with having perfect colors on my screen. The refresh rate is a bit slower than compared to the CRT and motion blur may be a problem, though these things are of no concern to me as I merely use word processing applications for my work.

Add the above mentioned benefits to the unmistakable aesthetic value of a widescreen LCD monitor; in conclusion therefore, owning one is a definite necessity for me.

LG LCD Living In The New Millennium

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

If only TV shopping was as simple as garments shopping! The search for the ideal TV unit was like an expedition off to uncharted waters : absolutely exhausting, deceptively confusing and very pricey. The search ended when I found the one, a LG LCD television!

Gridding the Considerations

To make things simpler, I made my own chart of all the features I was expecting from a unit for every manufacturer I could stumble on. The most vital consideration for me, and for most I think, would be the dollar worth. Among those that topped that criterion was LG. Next was picture quality, and once again LG managed to sit on the top spots. Bonus features were also an element to think about, and yes LG also aptly gathered respects for its LCD line. Adding it all up, LG LCD managed to wrestle every other brand off my list and got the honor of being purchased by my extraordinarily picky self and now proudly hangs on my living room wall. And when I have been working for a fairly long time on my laptop that I find myself squinting on the screen, I just hook it up to my LG LCD unit and I get to continue and finish my work in a chilled visible state. Playing games is as superb as it gets!

Watching TV Does Not Only Need Good Picture Quality

The sound quality from the TV unit itself is just so amazing, and that’s without the need of having to attach to a separate sound system.


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