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There’s more to Mac Games than I thought

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

When I was at University there was an unwritten rule – the staff had Macintosh computers, and the students had PCs. At least that was the rule in the modern languages department. For one year I was allowed to use Macs for my Computer Science course, but it was not until I was working for Psion that I really had to deal with them.

But even then I was dealing with Mac Classics with black and white screens to convert data between palmtops and office programs. In fact, I had only one game on them: Air Hockey.

Since then my knowledge of Macs has been limited to my customers’ requirements. Normally I can find out how to do what they want, but every so often I come across an area that I am so knowledgeable on, such as Mac Games.

So it’s good to know that there are other people out there who do know something about them, such as the site “Mac games and more“, which offers a weekly bulletin including colour screenshots of the games themselves with background information and download links.

When I first saw some of the graphics I couldn’t believe they were being generated by Macs!

Take one of this week’s features, for example: Jewel match for mac, where you match up the Jewels on 150 different levels!

Or neptune’s secret for mac which has wonderfully detailed graphics.

The site has some very detailed reviews of different Mac Games, as well as a special section of games that are free. Next time I’m installing a Mac, I hope I’ll be able to try some of them out…


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