Its Amazing To Discover How Innovative Life Can Be With Widescreen DVD

I like pictures and I adore picking up DVD copies of my faves. My DVD collection does not only involve the discs but the players as well. The latest addition is a movable widescreen DVD player which I will carry wherever I go.

The Widescreen Format

Blame the need to upgrade to widescreens to the flick industry as they have been using this format since times long past. Watching pictures in the standard 4:3 proportion TV sets is such an annoying experience caused by the necessity to deal with watching the flick either cropped, with only the center portion being shown, or with the black bands on top and at the base of the screen, known as letterboxes, which in turn reduce the picture size. With a reduced picture size, I squint at the screen especially with smaller TV sets. I manifestly like to watch widescreen DVD movies or any flick for what it’s worth with a widescreen TV.

Then here come the copy moggy TV networks who have switched to the widescreen format as well, making it a prerequisite to own widescreen televisions. The reality is, not only have I have a widescreen TV for my entertainment room ; all my TV sets are widescreens. Though, that is a small price to pay in exchange for ideal viewing satisfaction, especially when it came to watching my all time fave films, or movies.

Movie Buff on the Go

My day is ruled by the constant need to hang around for truly long amounts and those periods tend to feel longer without something to entertain myself with. That is why I have invested in a transportable widescreen DVD player too. Now, I should bring my picture watching habit wherever I am going and waiting periods are no longer a bore.

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