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Many businesses find Microsoft Access as an easy and useful application. But many people who has ever used this application as a network database knows that its work can be damaged by corruption. Of course your Access database training is very important but there are several recommendations that will help reduce the risk of data corruption.

It is good to split the database into two parts- to the the front end and the back end. The front end contains forms and reports that users won’t be able to change. As for the back end, it contains the actual data. This split can be done with the wizard you learned about during your database training.

The back end is the piece that will need to be protected and backed up regularly and it should be stored on a secured and shared server. You will also have to archive the front end but it doesn’t change so even if it is corrupted you can easily replace it from the copy in the archive.

Users can choose to have the individual copy of the front end or they can share it on the server. The front end should be write protected. It will reduce the risk of damage.

We don’t often realize the amount of data that is read or written during the database queries. It is surprising how many transactions it takes to nest a query. For example, in order to create a query asking about all November sales in New York it will first create a table with all November sales and then make a table of the New York sales. There is a problem contained in that, because every read or write operation creates new opportunity for database damage in case the system is crashed or you lose the network connection during the operation.

There are several benefits of saving intermediate results to temporary tables. The first benefit is that it speeds up the query. And the second is that now the temporary table is under the risk of corruption instead of the main database. In the case of corruption of the temporary table, you lose the data but you can send the query one more time.

As soon as you master techniques of creating temporary files you can protect your system even more by putting the tables into a separate file. And this part of the database should be saved on the back end server. By separating this part of the database you reduce the risk of corruption spreading and damaging your database tables, because this piece is more vulnerable to corruption. The temporary tables damage can have some small impact on users but this information can be quickly rebuilt without damaging the entire database.

The sphere of computers and computer applications expands all the time. But you can turn this issue into your advantage by catching up with this knowledge and becoming an expert, for example in microsoft access database sphere.

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