Stay Safe And Secured With Windows Backup

If you are like me whose life and property, and the security of the 2, depends on the steadiness of the Windows system, better have a windows backup installed!

Prepare for Disaster

Ever had the experience when your personal computer just had too much to handle and crashes? Sweeping away everything it ever stored and rebooting like a clean slate? Gone are all the worksheets and documents that define each bit of your life. It has occurred to me way too regularly and that is why the windows backup is a definite lifesaver for me.

Not Really Everything

With a windows backup everything is revived back just the way settings and files are prior to the cardiac arrest of your computer. So set the backup points as frequently as possible. I attempt and run the backup every time I am finished working on something gigantic. Though , that does not truly help when the crash comes in the middle of something.

Created accounts are also revived provided they were created prior to the backup. If they were created after running windows backup, say good bye to the accounts and hi to making them back. Surprisingly though , most data files from the erased accounts remain in tact.

Windows backup will have zilch to do for your protection against viruses, worms and so on ; it will definitely protect you from having everything getting wiped off when the crash comes along. Caution though, the backup could also revive the viruses, thus crashing and restoring will just be a vicious cycle in your computer, investing in a good antivirus is a good follow through.

Editor’s note: the views stated in this article are those of our guest blogger, and do not necessarily concure with the advice we give in personal IT consultations

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