Professional Article Marketing Techniques Are A Crucial Website Development Tool

Individuals who specialise in seo services remind us that article marketing is about satisfying needs, as in the provision of highly targeted, educational and informative content for those seeking this data, but it’s also about promotion too. As such, the article must entice the reader to look for more material, provided in the website address attached to the links in the article. This is where the marketing angle comes in, as your primary goal must be to drive traffic back to a webpage, ultimately enabling you to achieve your objective, to sell your products or services accordingly.

A well written article marketing campaign can achieve three distinct results:

To start off with, the author name can become more widely known and your website given additional credibility, leading to positive notoriety and additional income.

Secondly, a link can be established to your website from the resource box at the foot of the article, directly benefiting your visitor count by sending visitors across to your site.

Thirdly, the distribution of your articles to directories and blogs throughout the Internet will help to create a wide array of sites all linking back to your page. These back links are especially important when they originate from a site which has been deemed to be credible or authoritative.

As a majority of people use search engines, such as Google, to look for information to satisfy their want or need, it follows that as a website development owner extra effort should be devoted to increasing the credibility of your site, so that the search engine algorithms determine it to be worthy. The searcher will input a particular keyword and will see a display numbering thousands of relevant websites. We know from relevant studies that searchers tend to concentrate on the first three results on a search page and thus SEO services are designed with the goal of helping your site to appear as close to the top of the page as possible.

When Google was founded, Larry Page came up with the idea of giving appropriate weight to each back link. He reasoned that the more important a website, the more credibility should be attached to a link pointing from that site to another. This was termed “Page rank,” and each website is allocated this rank on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most important.

Every single back link that you get from a distributed article can be seen as good, but if the back link comes from a site with a high Page rank, this is more advantageous. These back links will serve to increase the credibility of your site and will elevate your Page rank. When your rank goes up, the likelihood of your website appearing in a high position within those results pages is greater.

The resource box at the foot of your work must contain correctly formatted anchor text. This is HTML code which essentially links your article’s keyword to your site. To achieve the highest credibility, ensure that the content on your targeted page is very relevant to the original article and the primary keyword, essential from the point of view of the search engines as well as your human visitors. Article marketing is just one of many powerful seo services available for the online marketer.

Michelle Dale is Chief Executive of Virtual Miss Friday, an adept and highly-proficient Virtual Assistant Service which works closely with enterprising people who really want to succeed in their chosen field. If you’d like to learn more about online business building success strategies that are tailored to your needs, contact VMF today!

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